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Great-tasting, chewable zinc tablet

  • Provides 10 mg of zinc citrate per chewable tablet
  • Helps to maintain immune function*
  • Helps maintain healthy bones, hair, nails and skin*
  • Supports normal DNA synthesis and acid-base metabolism*
  • Delicious natural orange flavor

Zinc Chewables feature 10 mg of elemental zinc as zinc citrate per tablet, suitable for ages 4 and up as a delicious option to help meet daily zinc requirements. Zinc is an important trace element in the body. It plays a key role in maintaining immune health by stimulating the production of immune cells, regulating natural killer cell activity, and mediating cytokine production. Clinical research has demonstrated that daily supplementation with zinc helps to maintain immune function in adults and adolescents. Zinc also has a long history of use in dermatological health. It helps to maintain immune function in the skin, while promoting collagen synthesis to help maintain skin structure. Additionally, zinc has a role in maintaining hair and nail health, and maintains bone health by regulating bone formation and resorption. This mineral is also involved in a key buffer system that helps to maintain normal acid-base balance. Zinc Chewables are delicious naturally orange-flavored chewable tablets ideal for anyone 4 years and older who have difficulty or dislike swallowing capsules

Zinc Chewables


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