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NATUROPATHIC assessments

Dr. Schemel utilizes several unique assessment tools:



The REBA device

This technique is an FDA-approved German medical device that facilitates the energetic testing of the organs, body systems, nutrients, foods, chakras, and emotions.


This helps figure out:

  • The patient's overall vitality.

  • The energetic health of the organs and body systems.

  • The PH level of the connective tissues.

  • The vitamin, mineral, and enzyme status of the body.

  • Food allergies or intolerances.

  • The balance of different hormones and neurotransmitters.

  • Energetic screening of pathological organisms

  • Compatibility of health products.

  • Identifying chakra imbalances and their associative psychosomatic emotional conflicts.

  • Emotional states.

  • Assessment of herbal and nutrient approaches.

Many conditions + systems addressed:

Skin, Digestive, Inmune, Reproductive, Muscular skeletal, Allergy, Psychological.

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Aura Testing 

The Biopulsar Reflexograph by Auramed is a German medical device that shows the color and graphic representation of the Aura and 47 organ systems as well as Chakra levels.

This is a quick, easy and non-invasive way to get organ and health insights.

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Medical Astrology

An ancient form of medical assessment used by early medical doctors, Solarfire software is used to calculate and print out a custom chart.

Medical Astrological chart interpretation is helpful for looking at health tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses from birth, current, and future time.

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