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Located in the beautiful Caulfield area of West Vancouver. This Clinic has been proudly offering Naturopathic Medicine to patients for over 20 years.

Dr. Gabriela Schemel is a dedicated healer and naturopathic practitioner who is committed to figuring out what imbalances are creating your discomfort. She is empathic, intuitive and offers guidance and natural healing tools to help your body heal with an array of herbs, flowers, nutrients, foods, and crystals. Her unique specialties are in the energetic diagnostic testing of imbalances that create symptoms as well as the energetic testing of natural treatment approaches including medical astrology to restore balance and health.

After an assessment, you will be empowered with the knowledge of what could be going on and how to guide you on your unique healing journey.

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Dr. Schemel believes in getting to the root cause of the imbalance which is causing the discomfort or symptoms. This root cause can often come from an emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbance which is creating an obstacle to cure. Often this has taken years to develop and it is important to understand that true healing takes time. 

When a patient is treated from the root then true healing can begin and palliative ongoing treatment for symptoms is no longer necessary.

At Ocean Naturopathic Clinic in West Vancouver, Dr. Gabriela is committed to using a holistic approach to treat the whole person and not just their symptoms to restore the patient's innate balance of health.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Gabriela Schemel for approximately ten years. I wanted an ND that uses muscle testing in order to eliminate any guesswork as to which remedies, dosages, etc. were best for myself, and gratefully I found Dr. Schemel. She has helped me to heal from several long term chronic health conditions.

I find Dr. Schemel to be very knowledgeable and proficient in a variety of natual health modalities. She is a careful listener and works diligently on behalf of her patients.  Her appointments are very thorough and informative.

I highly recommend Dr. Schemel for your healthcare.


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